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a system change approach towards


Capacity building

We can give you guidance and/or facilitation for organising workshops on strong sustainability, environmental and social justice issues, Sustainable Lifestyles, sufficiency, or effective civil society participation in official policy processes. 

Strategy planning towards systemic change

If your organisation is searching how to be more effective towards systemic change, we will find your answer. We can guide you in your strategic planning on how to frame your own work and expertise in a broader context of system change and sustainability. 


Governance for Sustainable Development

Only together, in our huge variety of civil society organisations, will we be able to make the change we see necessary. Implementing one single solution will never achieve the big shift to sustainability. We have to connect the dots, oversee the whole picture, and work jointly. 

No single solution for complex problems

Many civil society organisations, governments, staff in public administrations, and researchers are engaged and committed to working with many good cases. They often work in their own silos, without looking abroad, while most of the social and environmental problems are interconnected. Even if this is receiving general acknowledgement, most of the organisations and governmental institutions are experiencing difficulty in putting this knowledge into practice. 

Sustainable Development is a great concept to connect several challenges and solutions. By looking through the glasses of sustainability, it forces you to (1) examine your own specific issues and connect to other problems/solutions; (2) improve coherence and avoid spill-overs from your own actions; (3) work together in a cross-sectoral way to increase your results; and (4) create ownership of your messages to other sectors for full integration into their actions.  In summary: joint visions, joint strategies, joint actions have been proven to achieve more attention and success. 

We are happy to help you with workshops, practical tools, and strategising within your organisation.



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