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  • Continued until end of May for World Federation for Animals (WFA) in setting up the organisation: drafting Long Term Strategy, budget 2020-2023, Workplace 2021, membership development plan, advocacy strategy short term, etc.


  • Started 1st of December as Chief Strategy Officer to set up the new World Federation for Animals (WFA)

  • Organised for Oxfam Germany and EEB a Round Table with crucial decision makers at EU level and stakeholders on how to implement Post Growth Policies.

  • Drafting a policy paper for Seas at Risk on EU policies related to Deep Sea Mining. 

  • Co-editing and translation (to Spanish) of a Guide for Major Groups and Other Stakeholders to be engaged in the UNEA5 process.

  • Drafting a Strategy paper/Roadmap for FINGO, the Finnish Coalition of Development Organisations on putting "Post Growth" advocacy into concrete action in Europe. (In collaboration with ZOE-Institute Germany).

  • Submit a report to the UPR meeting for Belgium, with other local stakeholders, for the civil society review on Human Rights, focusing on environmental rights. 

  • Organising a workshop in Asunción - Paraguay with local communities and civil society organisations to draft a report to submit at the next UPR meeting where Paraguay is reviewed on their commitment to Human Rights at the OHCHR Geneva. Focus : environmental rights violations. In collaboration with WWF Paraguay. As partner in the RICHWE program. 

  • From (September 2019-June 2020): Regional Coordinator of World fair Trade Organisation Europe (WFTO-E), temporal replacement due to a maternity leave (general management, developing long term strategy, co-organising an European biennial conference).


  • Coordinating and writing a policy brief for Fair Trade Advocacy Office Europe on (Fair) Trade and SCP/SDGs (FTAO)

  • Editor of European Spotlight Report: Who is paying the bill ? (Negative) impacts of EU policies and practices in the world.Launch in New York (during HLPF) 15thof July 2019. In Brussels 11thof September. (SDG Watch Europe and MESA project funded by EU).

  • 18-20 March and 19-22 May:  Facilitation of civil society group during 2 Open Expert Meetings on Global Pact for the Environment (GPE) resulting in joint written statement, coordinated input during official process and press note afterwards. In Nairobi. (World Animal Network, French Government Foreign Affairs)

  • 3-15 March: During the OECPR and UNEA-4 : Advisor for the Major Group Facilitation Committee:  Innovative Solution for Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Consumption and Production  (UNEP)



  • 1-7 December: Facilitation of 2nd Expert Meeting Marine Litter and Microplastics: Chairing the preparatory meeting of civil society groups and co-chairing UN working group meetings during official process, held in Geneva.  (UNEP)

  • 7 September: representing the outcomes of RCM at bureau meeting of UNEA 4 (Tallinn – Estonia) (Subcontract via EEB with UNEP Geneva)

  • 3-4 September: Coordination of civil society groups in Regional Consultation Meeting (RCM UNECE) Tallinn/Estonia (Subcontract via EEB with UNEP Geneva)

  • 28-31 May UNEP Nairobi: coordination of civil society groups in Bureau Retreat of UNEA 4

  • Spring: For Friends of the Earth Europe  (FoEE) I coordinated the drafting and debate to achieve a joint position on the "Europe We Want" with 100+ civil society organisations. It resulted in "The Manifesto for a Sustainable Europe".

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