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My publications: 

  • Several interviews in international newspapers, magazines

  • Rijnhout, L. Barth, J., Hafele, J., Putting "Beyond Growth lobby" into Action; a think piece for FINGO. 

  • Rijnhout, L. (editor), Who is paying the bill ? (Negative) impacts of EU policies and practices in the world,  Spotlight Report published by SDG Watch Europe, July 2019
  • Rijnhout, L., Zondervan, R., Advancing sustainable development goals within Europe and globally: the role of EU,  Think2030 paper, IEEP, Nov 2018.
  • Rijnhout, L, Mastini, R, (editors), Sufficiency, moving beyond the gospel of eco-efficiency, Publication by Friends of the Earth Europe, 2018
  • Rijnhout, L, Carlos, R.,: Discussion Paper: Are EU listening?, Securing Civil Society voices in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Europe, Brot für die Welt, June 2017

  • Rijnhout, L., Stoczkiewics, M., Bolger, M.,: Necessities for a Resource Efficient Europe, chapter in "Factor X, Challenges, Implementation Strategies and Examples or a Sustainable Use of Natural Resources", Ed: Lehmann, H., Springer publications, 2017 

  • Rijnhout, L., de Zoysa, U., Kothari, A., Healy, H.: Towards a global agenda of sustainability and equity: civil society engagement for the future we wantUNEP Perspectives, issue 12 (March 2014) 14 pag

  • Martinez-Alier, J., Bond, P., Haas, W., Rijnhout, L,. et all, Between activism and science: grassroots concepts for sustainability coined by Environmental Justice OrganizationsJournal of Political Ecology, Vol. 21, (2014) 60 pag

  • Rijnhout, L., Is the private sector willing to sign up to the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda?European Financial Review, February 2016

  • Rijnhout, L., de Pous, P., Reforming Europe towards Sustainability, publication of European Environmental Bureau, 2015.

  • Rijnhout, L., Göpel, M., Principles for a Fair and Green Economy, booklet (2011)

  • Rijnhout, L., Environmental Justice and Social Equity, in VII Congreso Mundial de Bioética-Ponencias, (pag 43-57), SIBI, Gijon, 2011 (English and Spanish)

  • Bitzer, V., Cörvers, P., Glasbergen, P., Niestroy, I., (editors); European Union, Governance and Sustainability, textbook, Rijnhout, L.: related workbooks. Open University NL, (2012);

  • Rijnhout, L., Naar een sociaal en ecologisch rechtvaardige economie, (pag 139-153) in: Thieme, A., (red):  Méér,    Uitgeverij van Arkel, (2013) (published in 5 languages)

  • Rijnhout, L.: “Duurzame Ontwikkeling voor Dummy’s” (Sustainable development for dummies), publication VODO, 2008, 10 pages  (3 languages)

  • Rijnhout, L: “ Money makes the World go round”,dossier ARGUS, Ecological Economics, magazine van de KBC, Oct 2007, 10 pages.

  • Paredis, ea “ The concept of ecological debt and its meaning and applicability in policy.", 2004, CDO – University Gent, 300 pages

  • Rijnhout, L, De Mets, J,  “Red de Planeet, neem een kleinere schoenmaat!” (Save the planet, take smaller shoes!) Dossier Globelink, Students parliament 2001-2002, 118 pages.

  • Paredis, E, Rijnhout, L.; Vergroening van fiscaliteit: onhaalbare kaart of politieke realiteit ? (Greening taxes), 2001, report research work on broader environmental policy, fiscal reform as stimulant for sustainable policy., ed. VODO, 161 pages.

  • Rijnhout, L, Fremout, G, Mullens, M, Sustainable Development and Globalisation, Rio+10: is Europe willing to listen to the South?, 2002, final report international conference, ed. VODO, 142 pages.

  • Rijnhout, L, Oomen, J ea; De Wereld van de Kook, over coca en een 500 jaar oud mis(ver)stand, (The World of the coca leaf, about a 500 years old misunderstanding) 1993, ed. Boliviacentrum Antwerpen, 107 pages.

  • Rijnhout, L, en Oomen, J; Mala Leche, Una historia amarga de desarrollo en el Chapare, (Bad milk, a bitter experience in Chapare) ed. Cedoin-La Paz, 1994, 73 pages.

  • Rijnhout, L (ed) ea, Wie zegt… wat is recht ?,over gewoonterecht in Bolivia (about traditional legal systems) , 1996, Ed. Boliviacentrum Antwerpen, 45 pages.

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